- multiplayer strategy game playable online with a HTML5 browser

About The project: is an open-source turn-based strategy game. It’s built entirely in HTML5 and features in-depth game-play and a wide variety of game modes and options. Your goal is to build cities, collect resources, organize your government, and build an army, with the ultimate goal of creating the best civilization. You can play online against other players (multiplayer) or play by yourself against the computer.

Twitter: @freecivnet Twitter: @andreasrosdal or Email: andrearo AT

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    Do you have any good ideas about what could be improved in What would you like to see in the next version of

    Please submit your suggestions on this page.

  2. now supports HTML5 WebSockets

    The lastest version now supports HTML5 WebSockets, which will offer much improved network performance on modern browsers that support it. WebSockets support is still experimental, since it is part of an evolving Internet standard. supports WebSockets protocol version draft 76 and pre-76, which has been implemented using Socket.IO and TornadIOWebSocket isn’t enabled by default in, but can be enabled easily in the Settings dialog in pregame. Once the WebSocket protocol matures, it will be enabled by default in

    To enable WebSockets support in, start a new game, then click “Customize Game”, then click “Settings”, and select “Network: HTML5 WebSocket support”. Then restart the game, and you are ready to play with WebSockets enabled.

    Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms. If native WebSocket support isn’t available, it will still work using a Flash Websocket or Ajax long polling.

    The default network protocol uses AJAX, which compresses network packets using gzip. The WebSocket protocol doesn’t support gzip compression yet, but when it does it will be even faster.

    This is the current browser support for WebSockets:

    • Google Chrome: WebSockets support is enabled by default. 
    • In Firefox 4, you will have to enable WebSockets support.
    • In Opera, you will also have to enable WebSockets support.
    • Internet Explorer doesn’t support WebSockets yet.

    So go play now, and let us know how it works!

  3. What people are saying about online

    @ddeboer on Twitter: « is freaking AWEsome! HTML5 implementation of an entire game, with no Flash in sight anywhere»

    @nickcurzon on Twitter: «Freeciv for free in a browser? There goes the rest of my spare time…»

    @hexapode on Twitter: « A new Era for video games is coming. In Cloud, Playable from everywhere, HTML5 Based»

    Discussion on Hacker News when hearing about for the first time:
    Alexkearns: «Thanks mate, you have just destroyed my marriage»
    Milkshakes: «and my finals week»
    codexon: «and my startup»
    eru: «I hope you guys don’t discover Nethack or Dwarf Fortress»
    wlievens: «WebDF would be the end of all things productive for me.»
    baxter: «WebDF could be the end of humanity»

    "Wow. It’s dramatically better! Within about 20 seconds I was filled with that rush of curiosity / grandiose ambition that Freeciv creates so wonderfully. I immediately closed the window. Fuck. I don’t have time for Freeciv. Must ship more code, startup crunch time, no time for playing I tell myself. I know I’ll be back. Fuck." - TimothyFitz on Hacker News. «What to expect from HTML5»

    Woid in Hacker News: «That was one of tasks on my list of “Projects to do before I die”!

    @oelmekki on Twitter: «wow, webbrowser version of Freeciv, that’s awesome!»

    @Madegirah on Twitter: дум на флеше - хуйня. А вот цивилизация на HTML5 это вершина задроства.

    @SupSoapSoup on Twitter: «No Flash, No worries #geekmodeon»

    @bonq on Twitter: «#fsp My flattr pick of the day, in time of civ 5 hysteria lets get retro with Freeciv:»

    @SorenJohnson on Twitter: «@freecivnet yes, I have… looks interesting! It’s just a matter of time til this is the way to play Civ.»

    @dynamitter on Twitter: « 遊び方良く分かんないしやる気もしないけど HTML5 のオープンソースゲームらしい »

    bd on «Awesome! HTML5 is amazing.»

  4. 2.0 released with new Amplio2 tileset version 2.0 was released today, and you can play it online right here now.
    These are the highligts of the new release:

    • A new Amplio 2 graphics tileset for better-looking graphics. You can see some screenshots here.
    • Freeciv Web client updated to use jQuery 1.5.
    • Increased performance of the Freeciv proxy server.
    • Many bugfixes and enhancements.

    Give the latest version a try, and please give your feedback to the project on Facebook or Twitter.